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We would like to take this opportunity to acquaint yourself with the extensive collection of competitively priced high-quality packaging products Cactus Container has to offer.

Custom Stock Boxes

Built Up Pads
Built Up Pads

Laminated layers of corrugated pads for special thick cushioning or filler purposes. Usually for heavy duty needs.

Center Special Slotted Container
Center Special Slotted Container (CSSC)

Inner and outer flaps are cut to different lengths. Both pairs of flaps meet at the center of the box. This style is especially strong because both the top and bottom have double the thickness of corrugated board. The inner flaps, with no gap, provide a level base for the product. A variation of this box is the Slide Special Slotted Container - SSS. All pairs of flaps meet, but not at the center of the box.

Corrugated Dividers
Corrugated Dividers

Intersecting sheets of corrugated board create a Divider. Like Pads, Dividers are used to separate items within a box. Dividers are especially suited for packaging fragile contents.

Corrugated Pads
Corrugated Pads

Plain sheets of corrugated cut to your specifications. Pads are often used to separate layers of product within a box.

Design Style Container with Cover
Design Style Container with Cover (DSC)

Same as the Full Telescoping Design container but the top tray is a lid with little depth and the bottom tray has considerably more depth.

Die Cut Boxes
Die Cut Boxes

A vast selection of custom corrugated die cut styles are available for mailers, bin boxes, self-erecting boxes, product display boxes, computer packaging and shipping boxes.

Five Panel Folder or Harnes Style Five Panel Folder
Five Panel Folder (FPF) or Harnes Style Five Panel Folder

A single cut and scored piece features a fifth panel used as the closing flap, completely covering a side panel. The closed box has several layers of combined board on each end, providing stacking strength and protection for long articles of small diameter which might be damaged, or damage the box, if pushed through the ends.

Full OverLap Carton
Full OverLap Carton (FOL)

All flaps have the same length (the width of the box). When closed, the outer flaps come within one inch of complete overlap. The style is especially resistant to rough handling. Stacked on its bottom panel, the overlapping flaps provide added cushioning. Stacked on its side, the extra thickness provides added stacking strength.

Full Telescope Design Style Container
Full Telescope Design Style Container (FTD)

Two design style trays, one inverted and fitting over the other.

Half Slotted Container
Half Slotted Container (HSC)

Same as Regular Slotted Container without one set of flaps.

Octagonal Double Cover Container
Octagonal Double Cover Container (ODCC)

Cylindrical design offers excellent compressive and sidewall strength. Good for loose fill or bulk applications.

One Piece Folder
One Piece Folder (OPF)

One piece of board is cut so that it provides a flat bottom, with flaps forming the sides and ends, and extensions of the side flaps meeting to form the top.

Partial Overlap Container
Partial Overlap Container (POL)

All flaps have the same length. The outer flaps overlap by one inch or more. The box is easily closed, usually with staples driven through the overlap area. This style is used when the length of the box is considerably greater than the width, resulting in a long gap between the inner flaps. The sealed over-lap helps to keep the outer flaps from pulling apart.

Regular Slotted Carton
Regular Slotted Carton (RSC)

Our most common box style. The Regular Slotted Carton is made from a one piece blank, where the outer flaps meet at the center of the box.

Packaging Supplies

Corner & Edge Protectors
Poly Bags
Stretch Film / Pallet Wrap


Custom EPS
Custom Polyurethane
Custom Polyethlene
Foam-in-Place Chemical

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